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Prerequisites for online gaming 

Please read this section before proceeding

You need the following to participate in online gaming sessions (usually the reason why people wish to join BG ANZAC).

For Your Machine:

- A current, licensed, copy of Steel Beasts Pro PE installed on your machine (usually the 64Bit version). This can be downloaded here: SteelBeasts

- A current copy of TeamSpeak (to use when communicating “in game”). This can be downloaded here: TeamSpeak

- A suitable Internet connection (usually some form of “Broadband”)

- A suitable headset and microphone in order to be able to communicate via TeamSpeak.

In terms of personal attributes:

- Be a sensible and mature (not necessarily “old”) person

- Have a working knowledge of English

- Have a reasonable sense of humour

- Conform to the “Ethos” of BG ANZAC as outlined in line with the Ethos section below

In terms of playing style:

- Use the BG ANZAC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

- Not attempt to gain an unfair advantage through the use of “exploits”, “hacks“, or other “gamey“, non realistic behaviour.


BG ANZAC is a non-exclusive Virtual Unit (you can be a member of BG ANZAC and any other Virtual Unit concurrently).

The majority of Steel Beasts players exhibit a mature approach to life and we expect that this same approach be applied to actions and comments both within BG ANZAC or if representing BG ANZAC, when interacting with others.

Having said that many of the foundation members come from a service background where the “standard you walk past is the standard you accept” and accordingly inappropriate comments relating to race, gender, religion and extreme political views will not be tolerated. Colourful language also needs to be controlled, especially if there are visitors in the session that you don’t know or if you are part of a BG ANZAC contingent to a larger activity.

Normally people’s judgment will provide the guidance required but if you overstep the mark, do not be surprised if someone calls you to account, usually in a friendly, constructive way. However, become a “serial offender” and you will be shown the door.

When playing, wherever possible employ our SOPs so everyone knows what is going on and what to expect. Don’t “cheat” in all its guises (through the use of “exploits” or “hacks“) or use “gamey“, non realistic behavior.

Having said that the fundamental outcome is to enjoy the sessions and develop a sense of camaraderie with people of similar interests and develop an esprit de corps within BG ANZAC.

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