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Battle Group ANZAC (BG ANZAC) is a Virtual Unit (VU) founded in 2012 whose primary, though not exclusive, focus is on the Australian Army‘s Armoured and Mechanised Units and equipment. The unit is a member of the global community that participates in modern armoured warfare simulations using the Steel Beasts Pro PE simulation software. BG ANZAC is comprised of likeminded Australians and New Zealanders who welcome anyone with similar interests in armoured warfare.

The group meets at least once a week and participates in all major Steel Beasts community events.

It should also be noted that the aim of the BG ANZAC web site/forum is to supplement (not replicate) the Steel Beasts site with a focus on BG ANZAC specific material. The Steel Beasts web site/forum remains the focus of general discussions and acts as the central reference.

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